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Booth 1- 1(1F)

Flower-shaped Plate with Tiger, Bamboo and Japanese Plum Paintings; Kakiemon Ware
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Booth 1- 2(1F)

Kurokawa Eisho (1854~1917)
Wrought Metal Dharma Statue
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Booth 1- 3(1F)

Misawa Kenji (1945~)
Cosmic Decision
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Booth 1- 4(1F)

Kaga Gekka (1888~1937)
Flower Vase in White Porcelain Glazed with Hokō, Decorated with Mythical Peaches Sentō
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Booth 1- 5(1F)

Violet Blue and White Shonzui Porcelain Bowl (Hon’neji Type)
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Booth 1- 6(1F)

Sottakusai (1744~1808)
“The Moon Appears in the Water inside the Bottle” (Calligraphy)
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Booth 1- 7(1F)

Square Plate with Landscape Design, Shino Ware
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Booth 1- 8(1F)

Square Cup (Tsutsumukōduke), Shino Ware
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Booth 1- 9(1F)

Plum Blossom-shaped Sake Cup Glazed in Dark Purple
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Booth 1-10(1F)

Toda Koji (1974~)
Circular Kyoban Unglazed Stoneware Yakishime
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Booth 1-11(1F)

Urartian Bronze Belt Decorated with Hunting Scenes
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Booth 1-12(1F)

Tea Bowl, Idowaki Pottery
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Booth 1-13(1F)

Ryokan (1758~1831)
Kanshi (Chinese style Japanese poetry), “My life does not ask for prosperity”; Fan
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Booth 1-14(1F)

Colored Compote (Allegory of the Four Seasons), Meissen Porcelain; around 1880
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Booth 1-15(1F)

Raku Kichizaemon XV (1949~)
Tea Bowl, Kuro-Raku Ware (Black Raku) / Tea Bowl, Aka-Raku Ware (Red Raku)
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Booth 1-16(1F)

Raku Sonyu Ⅴ (1664~1716)
Tea Bowl Named “Urashima”, Kuro-Raku Ware (Black Raku)
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Booth 1-17(1F)

Tea Bowl Named “Yokogumo”, Gohon Hansu Ware
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Booth 1-18(1F)

Tsubaki Chinzan (1801~1854)
Paired Paintings of Peonies and Chrysanthemums, Hanging Scrolls
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Booth 1-19(1F)

Deep Bowl With Handles, Painted Pottery
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Booth 1-20(1F)

Emperor Fushimi (1265~1317)
Chikugo-gire (Fragment)
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Booth 1-21(1F)

Water Jar with Handles (Sakinbukuro), Bizen Ware
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Booth 1-22(1F)

Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, Tea Box; Raden Craftsmanship (Schrenck's Limpet Shell)
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Booth 1-23(1F)

Sake Bottle, Kohiki Pottery
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Booth 1-24(1F)

Vermillion Japanese Lacquer (Maki-e) Decorated with Flowers and Butterflies
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Booth 1-25(1F)

Praying Statue “The Gifts of the Sun and the People”, Lacquer Tree
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Booth 1-26(1F)

Tōdai-ji Temple Nigatsudō Burned Sutra (Fragment)
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Booth 3- 1(3F)

Ogata Kenzan (1663~1743)
Square Plate with Ivy Painting
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Booth 3- 2(3F)

Ogata Kenzan (1663~1743)
Rolling Screen of Flying Geese in Autumn
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Booth 3- 3(3F)

Plate with Handle, Bizen Ware
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Booth 3- 4(3F)

Water Jar (Tabimakura), Bizen Ware
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Booth 3- 5(3F)

Sake Cup (Nozokichoko), Kutani Yoshidaya Ware
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Booth 3- 6(3F)

Kyukosai (1817~1860)
Tea Caddy Named “Koduchi”, Bizen Ware; Handwritten Kyūkōsai' Script
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Booth 3- 7(3F)

Phoenix Head-shaped Ewer (Hōshuhei) Glazed in Green
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Booth 3- 8(3F)

Shimamura Hikaru (1942~)
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Booth 3- 9(3F)

Blue and White Porcelain Brush Handle Decorated with Dragon Paintings
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Booth 3-10(3F)

Kotoji-shaped stone object
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Booth 3-11(3F)

Sottakusai (1744~1808)
“Green Willows, Crimson Flowers” (Calligraphy)
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Booth 3-12(3F)

Michael Ho
Fragments of a Beautiful Nostalgia Layered Upon My Contemporary Self
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Booth 3-13(3F)

Hayami Gyoshu (1894~1935)
“Beside the Flowers”, a image raf
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Booth 3-14(3F)

Inscribed Tea Cup with Natural Landscape Paintings, Blue and White Shonzui Porcelain
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Booth 3-15(3F)

Gilt-Bronze Standing Buddha Statue
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Booth 3-16(3F)

Kawashima Wataru (1966~)
Pearl of the moonlight -water- / Pearl of the moonlight -sky-
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Booth 3-17(3F)

Yonezawa Jiro (1956~)
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Booth 3-18(3F)

Jun Inoue (1980~) / Takeuchi Kouzo (1977~)
island20 / Footprints, Autumn Leaves
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Booth 3-19(3F)

Shibata Zeshin (1807~1891)
Painting of the Deity Shōki (in a Circle)
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Booth 3-20(3F)

Seated Bodhisattva Statue (Kebori Technique)
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Booth 3-21(3F)

Joshinsai (1705~1751)
Tea Scoop Named “Plum Tree outside the Window”, with Case Made of the Same Bamboo as the Scoop (Tomodutsu)
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Booth 3-22(3F)

Okamoto Toko / Otake Ayana
Abysmal Stupidity / Lust
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Booth 3-23(3F)

Wooden Standing Statue of Bishamonten / Wooden Standing Statue of Fudō Myō-ō
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Booth 3-24(3F)

Takuan Soho (1573~1646)
Calligraphy by Takuan Sōhō about a Zen Dialogue (1642)
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Booth 3-25(3F)

Gourd-shaped Octagonal Sake Bottle, Blue and White Shonzui Porcelain
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Booth 3-26(3F)

Shirai Hanhichi Ⅷ (1898~1949)
Plates with Tatsutagawa Pattern (Copy of Kenzan's Original)
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Booth 3-27(3F)

“Shibafune” and “Hatsune” Incense, Two of the Four Fragrances Taken from an Aromatic Tree
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Booth 3-28(3F)

Uemura Shoen (1875~1949)
Painting of a Beautiful Woman in the Autumn Rain
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Booth 3-29(3F)

Figure-shaped Lamp
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Booth 3-30(3F)

Kaku Banshu (1973~)
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Booth 3-31(3F)

Blue and White Large Porcelain Plate with Bamboo and Tiger Painting
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Booth 3-32(3F)

Tiered Lacquer Ware Box for Sweets (Kashijū) Designed with Oval-leafed Pondweed and Japanese Iris; Attributed to Ogata Kōrin
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Booth 3-33(3F)

Tokugawa Mitsutomo (1625~1700)
Painting of a Small Bird
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Booth 3-34(3F)

Kamiji Ichitaka (1992~)
Priest Kūya -Blue Eyes-
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Booth 3-35(3F)

Matsuzaki Kazumi (1969~)
Painting of a Colored Carp
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Booth 3-36(3F)

Embossed Bronze Disc Representing the Bodhisattva Cintāmanicakra
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Booth 3-37(3F)

Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883~1959)
Square Plate with Japanese Pampas Grass Design, Shino Ware
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Booth 3-38(3F)

Kawakita Handeishi (1878~1963)
Tea Bowl, Named “Suigetsu” [lit. water and moon]
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Booth 4- 1(4F)

Namikawa Yasuyuki (1845~1927)
Cloisonné Enamel Tea Caddy Decorated with Dragons
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Booth 4- 2(4F)

Water Jar with Handles, Iga Ware
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Booth 4- 3(4F)

Kawakami Fuhaku (1719~1807)
Painting of the “Six Japanese Poetry Immortals” (Rokkasen)
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Booth 4- 4(4F)

Kuwata Takuro (1981~)
Tea Bowl Decorated with Silver Drips
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Booth 4- 5(4F)

Tanaka Hoji (1812~1884)
Paintings of Spring and Autumn Seasons, Set of Three Hanging Scrolls
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Booth 4- 6(4F)

Aso Tomoko (1982~) / Ukai Yoshitake (1975~)
A Gift / Panther No.37 “un”
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Booth 4- 7(4F)

Yoshida Rissai (1867~1935)
Octagonal Container for Sweets, Designed after the Shōsō-in Treasure; Raden Craftsmanship
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Booth 4- 8(4F)

Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883~1959)
Framed Poem by Ryōkan
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Booth 4- 9(4F)

Attrib. to Ko oo kimi
Fragment from the Lost Anthology of Waka Poetry “Reika-shū”
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Booth 4-10(4F)

Gilt-bronze Standing Statue of Bodhisattva Kannon
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Booth 4-11(4F)

Eri Sayoko (1945~2007)
Square Plate Decorated with the Kirikane Craftsmanship / Incense Holder Plate Decorated with Kirikane Craftsmanship
D5224e91 b4b5 4f3e afdd 479e7fc420c2 sm

Booth 4-12(4F)

MAKUZU KOZAN Ⅱ (1859~1940)
Kingfisher on Yellow Water Lily, Sweets Plate Glazed in Celadon Green
4e1587d0 4968 41ab 8bd5 01c3f96e61f1 sm

Booth 4-13(4F)

Kato Tokuro (1897~1985)
Tea Bowl Named “Tamamushi” (“Jewel Beetle”), Setoguro Ware (Black Seto)
53adc9a1 1898 4481 ada0 7f049d2cdb7d sm

Booth 4-14(4F)

Tea Bowl with Mountain Paths and Separator Lines Design, Shino Ware
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Booth 4-15(4F)

Blade by Bi-shu Osafune Suetsugu
Tachi Sword, with Scabbard in Japanese Lacquer (Maki-e) Sprinkled with Gold (Nashiji Style) and Family Crest
33542a48 e736 4153 9c18 5e7430964ace sm

Booth 4-16(4F)

Tea Bowl, Kuro-Oribe Ware (Black Oribe)
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Booth 4-17(4F)

Suda Kunitaro (1891~1961) / Seimiya Naobumi (1917~1991)
Rose in the Field / Facet
7e598724 4585 4360 95f7 721816f71dc6 sm

Booth 4-18(4F)

Fujita Yuya (1974~)
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Booth 4-19(4F)

Kawai Kanjiro (1890~1966)
Decorated Gong-shaped Vase (Henko) Glazed in White (Hakuyū)
52e238c6 14af 4d91 870b c34fe41745d9 sm

Booth 4-20(4F)

Nakamura Naondo (1905~1981)
White-Robed Kannon
8e667b15 427a 48c0 95e6 4fb0e227f5db sm

Booth 4-21(4F)

Tsuishu Yozei ⅩⅩ (1880~1952)
“A Beautiful Riverside District”, Incense Holder Plate, Carved Lacquer
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Booth 4-22(4F)

Small Plates Decorated with Flowers, Blue and White Nabeshima Porcelain
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Booth 4-23(4F)

Full Moon-shaped White Porcelain Jar
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Booth 4-24(4F)

Pair of Colored Roosters, Kakiemon Ware
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Booth 4-25(4F)

Utagawa Hiroshige(1797~1858)
Bamboo Quay by Kyōbashi Bridge (Kyōbashi Takegashi)
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Booth 4-26(4F)

Sake Cup, Ido Ware
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Booth 4-27(4F)

Elliptical Jewel-shaped Water Jar
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Booth 4-28(4F)

Okabe Mineo (1919~1990)
Bowl Glazed in Beige (Yōhen Technique)
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Booth 4-29(4F)

Colored Sake Bottle with Chrysanthemum Paintings, Ko-Kutani Ware
Baa79ba7 4926 4c28 b9f0 c0623c7e48b5 sm

Booth 4-30(4F)

Shiba Yasuhiro (1970~) / Ooya Akira (1974~)
Morning Breathing / Black Peony
E31ff136 f365 4afd 8ff9 80ba2a52bb43 sm

Booth 4-31(4F)

Iwanami Akihiko (1966~)
9d8eb452 8c8b 46c7 b59c f308ef47b590 sm

Booth 4-32(4F)

Kano Yosenin (1753~1808) , with Inscription by Matsudaira Fumai (1751~1818)
Saga Doll (Saga-ningyō)
954ad8fa 20aa 4560 805f c4d7d65b2ff7 sm

Booth 4-33(4F)

Koizumi Junsaku (1924~2012)
Garyūbai, a Huge Japanese Plum Tree
Fa8b44df 8eef 495a 8c47 1f2f387b567e sm

Booth 4-34(4F)

Tea Bowl with Irregular Oval Rim (Kuchichawan), Kuro-Oribe Ware (Black Oribe)
B9c37d44 03e4 41c2 8688 3e52f5507a24 sm

Booth 4-35(4F)

Jar with Cypress Fence Type Pattern, Koshigaraki Ware
7aeb57f3 c8cc 43a7 9fd3 1fd3326eb39c sm

Booth 4-36(4F)

Furuta Oribe (1543~1615)
Ece92675 72d8 499b 9c4a 2728a7575e44 sm

Booth 4-37(4F)

Beveled Hexagonal Bottle, Blue and White Richō Porcelain
562e5689 8ea9 4d95 bacd 56f1d84dcb43 sm

Booth 4-38(4F)

Sen Sotan (1578~1658)
Self-portrait as Dharma (this work is also known as “Shinobi-Dharma”)