About the charity auction


During the exhibition, we host our popular charity auction at the first floor lobby. About 60 to 70 pieces are exhibited each time. Anybody can bid from the lowest price 10,000 yen.

※The part of the profit from our charity auction will be donated through the NHK Public Welfare Organization.

How to bid


a) Please write down your desired price in the bidding form, and put the form in the bidding box for each exhibited piece. Only one bid is permitted per person for each artwork.

b) In the bidding form, please write down an amount above the minimum price (posted price) which is indicated on each piece. The effective unit of your bid price will be 1,000 yen.

c) Your bid will be invalid if you write down an amount below the lowest price (posted price).

d) Your bid may be invalid if you put your form in different bidding box, write down wrong artwork number or artist name, and forget to provide your contact information. Please be careful.

※Please refer to the notice in the exhibition hall.

◆Charity auction schedule


December 1st(Sat.)

Until 18:00

December 2nd(Sun.)

Until 12:00

Announcement of successful bids

December 2nd(Sun.)

From 14:00