We handle a variety of tea utensils, including the new pieces that can be used at tea ceremonies, and antique items, mainly those with Omotesenke-Okakitsuke (officially certified by Omotesenke) and the masterpieces by the Senke Jisshoku (ten craftsmen of the house of Sen.)

  • Sottakusai (1744~1808)

    “The Moon Appears in the Water inside the Bottle” (Calligraphy)

    H. 91.7 W. 27.5 cm

Exhibitor Information

Exhibitor Name Ichida Chohoan
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E-mail ichidachouhouan@tea.ocn.ne.jp
Genre Tea Ceremony Wares
Store 1-10-11, Higashi Shinsaibashi , Chuo-ku , Osaka 542-0083
TEL: +81-6-6243-1223
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